Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Last Shall be First

Do you remember picking teams as a child for "Dodge Ball"?(Or any other game)
I think everyone has had that fear that they would be the one picked last.
I know I did. Always hoping to be the next one picked, but acting as if it doesn't matter. Every time I had that fear, funny thing, I never remember being picked last.
Why do we care?
Because if you are the "first" one picked, our world says you are the "Best".
NFL or NBA draft, the big story is who went number 1. Which most of the time the number one pick is the "Best". So the later and later you are "picked" the world says the less valuable you are.
We carry that way of thinking over into our everyday lives. Being single, for sure can take you back to those days of "Dodge Ball". Standing against the wall waiting for someone to call your name, hoping you're not the last to be picked.
Maybe its not being single for you, maybe its not having children,a job, or maybe the house of your's different for us all. The thing that's not different is the battle of our minds. We can't stand up against the wall, just waiting to be picked.
A house, husband, job or kids will not make us happy. Only one thing can fulfill
our happiness, Jesus.
God has really blessed me so much, by being in the middle of so many lives.He has given me so many "family's" and has allowed me to minister to many, and many to minister to me.
Sometimes the Lord allows us to be "picked" last, because someone else's life may depend on them being "first".
I have always felt when God doesn't give us what we "want", He's using us to give someone else what they "need".
The Last Shall be First......(Matt. 19:30)

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