Thursday, August 6, 2009

How "true" are our opinions of others?

An amazing thing the Lord has allowed me do with the Ladies I speak to; I pass out index cards and ask them to write their first impression of me down on the card. This is when I first get up to speak, they have seen me for maybe 3 minutes when asked to make some kind of judgment about me.
The funny thing is, thats about how long it takes us to form an opinion about someone when we don't know them from "Adam". And sometimes, we will carry that opinion around like it's "Truth".
The young ladies have ALMOST always said nice things about me on the cards.
My point of the cards? To show them that we have no idea ,by looking at someone, what they have
been through in their life and what kind of ashes the Lord has sifted them out of.
God is SO great!
I have a funny story I'll write about latter; it's about what someone wrote on one of the cards.

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