Tuesday, August 11, 2009

cracks in our pots....

I was going to share a story about, "feathers" I'll have to do that later in the week.
So, last night I gave my testimoney at my church, ALT. God is SO amazing!
After words a few ladies come up to me to thank me for sharing and shared things that
they have been through in their lives. A couple of them said they had never shared these things with anyone else. God is so good to guide us where we are to be, if we let him.
It's not always easy going where God wants us, is it?
I have had times in my life where I knew the Lord was taking me someplace that was going to be painful to get to. Sometimes I would go in peace, and sometimes I would go "kicking and screaming".
Why was some of these times so painful? Letting go of things or people we want to hold on to. No matter how painful these things are to us, it's always for our own good.
One time the Lord told me to do something and I knew this was going to cause me to loose something in my life, and I didn't want to do it.
I cried for weeks upon weeks over this. Why? Because I knew I had to obey the Lord.
And when I did, I lost the thing I feared.
A very hard thing.
Obeying God is far more important than anyone or anything is our life.
The Lord didn't take the pain away during this time, I felt every ounce of it.
Sometimes, it still hurts. But it's like holding a rose.
Why doesn't God take our pain away, when obeying Him is what is causing the pain?
I guess really what is causing the pain is the fallen world we live in.
If we didn't feel pain how could we use that pain to reach out to others?
The pain we go through is the "cracks" in our "pots".
And "if we don't show the world our cracks, how is the light going to get out?"
Wy Judd said that on one of her CD's that I have....love her.

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