Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just one footprint can change the view

It has been so hot the last week, that it makes me long for Winter. Sounds crazy, don't it?
With Winter comes snow and ice. Who wants to try to maneuver through the mounds of snow we pile up.
I can remember one year the temperature being in the 60's and mounds of snow still piled in store parking lots. That snow isn't pretty anymore either, and it makes me long for summer. Funny.
Once I was talking to the Lord about the snow piles, and He showed me that our spiritual lives are like the snow. How?
God shows us things in our lives That we need to work on. He covers them peacefully.
I love to look at a field of snow never touched by anything except the human eye, it's beauty is paralyzing. Just one footprint can change the view.
God places the "snow" where things need to be covered and die to prepare for "new life".
That can be a beautiful thing, but when we mess with it, it can get ugly!
The Lord will blanket things is our lives, peacefully. So what do we sometimes do? We get a plow, and push all the "snow" in an area we think we don't need anyway. Then all the beautiful snow has turned into this 6 foot high mound. It would have taken only weeks to melt, now months.
I have done this in my life. The Lord says an area of my life needs work, but I'm not ready. But the Truth is He wouldn't ask us to do anything unless He was going to give us the strength to do it.
The funny thing is, it's much more work uncovering the covered than to just leave it alone.
For me, it's not necessarily that I like things He may want to change in me, it's just that I'm use to them. Ever heard the saying, "I'd rather push a Chevy than drive a Ford"? (or it could be the other way around.)
In other words, "if I can't have it my way, I'll just not have it".
It's all about comfort. Dieing to your old self isn't comfortable.
If we try to change what God is doing in our lives, just like the one footprint I talked about, it will change the entire view.

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