Friday, August 7, 2009

Funny story....

Alright, the funny story...........When I visited the "Home for Life" and passed out the index cards
(if you're not sure what I mean by "index cards" read yesterdays post).
One of the young ladies at the "Home" wrote on a card......"Clumsy".
Why is that so funny? Well after I left the "Home" I went to visit a friend I go to church with and drop a few things off . I had to run upstairs, and on the way down I fell ALL THE WAY down the stairs. I was told that I did a flip down the stairs from the 2ed stair and didn't hit till I got to the bottom. Embarrassing! I did get hurt, but it could have been much worse.
It's so funny to me that one lady said that about me, "Clumsy". What are the odds?
I was talking to the Lord about the fall. Surly I didn't fall without a message to share from the Lord, did I?
You may wonder what caused me to fall? A few things, I'll tell you one........The shoes I had on, they don't have a back to them and they are high-heels. My heel got stuck in the carpet of the stairs. So, my foot went to move and my hill was stuck in the carpet. My foot moved but the shoe stayed in one place causing me to trip, over my own foot!

The shoes are really pretty and I love them. They are not good shoes to walk around in.
Sometimes in order to find the beauty inside, we have to feel the beauty on the outside.
So we try to make ourselves feel pretty by making the outside pretty. Because if people see
beauty on the outside how would they ever know what a pile a ashes we really feel like.
One of the things the Lord showed me when He was revealing my beauty to me was that
we must be careful not to worry more about the outside than the inside. In an instant, without warning, we can fall.
An instant before falling, everything was fine. Our spiritual lives are the same.
It doesn't matter one bit if we have the best shoes money can buy if the places we are walking in them aren't where God wants us to be. We need to be careful not to become our own stumbling block.
God wants us to worry about the outside very much, but the inside is SO much more important to Him.
God is so good to have given me this and to share it with you.
Thanks for reading

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