Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The story behind my "Beauty for ashes"

I have seen pictures of people I don't know or don't know very well, then, when I get to know them the picture changes. Do you know what I mean?
Years ago, I started going to a new church after moving back to my home town.
I didn't know anyone very well at all. I was attending a Bible study at a home of a family that latter become my friends.
One day their mom was there and she was really nice to me and told me, "You are beautiful". I would think, "Wow, she is really nice to say that"
After that EVERY TIME I saw her she would give me a hug. I didn't want to be hugged. So, what did I do? I started avoiding her. I would come into church late, after the greeting, so she wouldn't hug me.
I know that sounds silly, don't it?
Why didn't I want to be hugged? Well, for starters, I would get very emotional like I wanted to cry when she would hug me. Also, a part of me didn't feel worthy of her hugs.
Her hugs was different than any I have ever had. Why?
Because she really, honestly loved like Jesus.
When she looked you in the eyes, you could see Jesus.
Being loved by her started me on my journey of learning to love myself.
She has went home to be with the Lord now. Are you thinking I'm going to say a picture I have of her looks different now? Well if you are, thats not it. But a picture I have did change after knowing her. That picture was of me.
What a blessing it is because I get to tell others about her.
Her family supports a place where I just happen to volunteer and they donated some really nice items to be given out to any young lady who
gives their hearts to Him.
What a blessing it is to hand these ladies, that are just starting out,
a gift and tell my friend Rita's story and how she loved EVERYONE.
Their eyes are so big when they hear it. They hold onto every word, waiting for the next.
It's like they are starting on their journey of loving themselves, and it's with Rita. I wrote something after she went home to be with the Lord called, "You looked at me and made me see who Jesus sees".
When we don't see ourselves the way God intended, we see a pile of ash. Our ashes don't just go away, they are gently blown away, a little at a time, by the very breath of God.

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