Monday, December 7, 2009

What will you be known by?

Is there something you just love to watch? My "thing" is watching the snow fall.
I don't mean just sitting and looking at it, I mean standing out in the open with my eyes reaching for the heavens. There is something so warming watching it fall.
This morning, before 6am, I was standing with my head toward the heavens watching the beautiful white snow fall against the still night sky. Breathtaking.
Latter on in the morning, the snow was gone just as fast as it had came.It had melted and I could see the green grass once again.
Looking around at all the beautiful green grass, I noticed some patches of snow that hadn't melted yet. No shade or anything was keeping it cooler than the grassy areas, so why hadn't these "patches" melted?
I was so excited with what the Lord showed me in the remaining snow!
Every single area that still had snow was barren, no life whatsoever. Piles of dirt with snow on top.
The green grassy areas had absorbed the moister gently resting on top of it.
God will always give us what we need to grow, but if our life is "barren" we wont recognize the spirit "gently resting on top" waiting to be invited in.

Matthew 7:20
20"So then, you will know them by their fruits.

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