Monday, September 14, 2009

Much more than we ask for.......

A few days ago my little sister read my Blog, "For my own good". She was reading it while we talked on the phone. I held my breath waiting for a comment, then my breath holding turned into laughing. Why? Because I was anticipating her getting to the part that I tell "Where" my check was found. She would stop reading here and there and say, "What's so funny?" "You'll see." I said. Then, the biggest and longest laugh come out of her. It was such a fun time sharing that with her, it made me think of other fun times I have had with her.

A time that comes to mind: about 7 years ago we were coming back form "Indy".
We had spent the day at the race, we both love racing.
Well on the way home my car started "knocking". I knew it didn't sound good, but we only had about 20 miles to go.

We drove through Germantown, right past a gas station. I said to her, "you think we should stop here?"
She said it was up to me. Well, my thinking was, "What could they do?" "Nothing."
So, I said I think we can make it.

I could tell the look on her face was, "Oh, Lord."
We turned onto RT4, toward home. There was something comforting about being on Rt4, home was in my sights.
Then, it started "Knocking" really bad, and now, it was also loosing power.
I was trying to make it as far as I could, so I just kept the gas pushed as far to the floor as I could.
I thought, well the farther I get, the less we have to walk.

Then it happened, my car died. I turned and looked toward my sister and said, "It's okay, the Lord will take care of us!"
I knew it would take a few hours, at least, to walk to my house, but we would get there.

We were almost at the top of a hill on RT4, my car hadn't even came to a complete stop yet. Coming up, over the top of the hill, toward us, was a "tow-truck".
With my car still rolling, I stuck my hand out the window and flagged the driver down.
The "tow-truck" did a u-turn in the middle of the street and backed up to my now stopped car.
He gets out, and walks over to us and I told him what was going on and could he tow us home?
My sister just had this look of amazement on her face, I'm sure I did too.
When my car started acting up, I just asked the Lord to help us get home safe.
Maybe walking wasn't safe that day?

The Lord showed me that He is ready to give us much more than what we ask for.
My sister, I'm sure He answered her prayers that day too.
What a fun time we had that day.

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